Wool for Sale

I have recently updated my Etsy shop and have quite a few options of our organic wool roving for sale. Some are pure Blue Faced Leicester (BFL)  and some roving is from our sheep that are a cross of BFL & Shetland.

I have also just received roving and yarn from my shearing in March of this year. I am putting together the listings soon and will update it here when they are posted.



We are into our second week of school and I am finding myself with more time and space to slow my busy and sometimes high-strung mind…it has looked a little like this…


(please look past my dirty windows. who has time to clean windows that end up killing the little birds that fly into them? not me)

The oaks are just beginning to have a hint of my favorite color palette of the year…oh fall is so inspiring, especially here in Durango.

We sheared our two cross Shetland/BFL sheep last week. Below is my boy Rain before…


Then Rain after…


And then…the wool…


I bought a new shearing stand so that we can stop paying the shearer to come out every spring. He did a pretty bad job on the shetlands so we thought we would do it from here on out. We are by no means pros at this, but the stand makes it so much easier because you don’t have to hold the sheep down the entire time. This is Abby below.


Both Rain and Abby grow wool so fast. Their lock is about 4. inches long and we sheared them in March, so if we wait an entire 12 months it is longer than 6 inches, which the wool mills don’t like.

We are learning and have gotten our blades sharp for the next shearing, which is the end of November when some of our lambs will have to go to the locker…a very sad day for us…the saddest of the year. But it provides my family with organic nutrition and the lambs wool is of course, amazing and doesn’t get any softer.

Finally, this last weekend we snuck in a bit of camping past Lake Lemon. It was wonderful and grounding. We all needed a little of that. The kids took a picture of me knitting which I kind of love, especially with the tiny finger on the right side of the frame.


Summer Days

Summer sure did fly by this year. We are usually very busy in the summer time with kids out of school, the garden and baby lambs…but this year we did things a bit different. My hubby had work in Canada and it is a place we have fallen in love with the past year. So, we delegated my work of cleaning condos for vacation rentals, took my computer so I could work remotely, found friends and neighbors to take care of the animals, and left the rest to chance. IMG_1788

We were able to spend 4 weeks on Vancouver Island and it was by far the most peaceful I have felt in a long time. The people we met were lovely and generous, the land and ocean spoke to us so deeply, and we got a lot of family quality time. It was a nice break from Durango, chores and it was wonderful to be in the pacific northwest…where my heart truly lives. IMG_1755IMG_1772IMG_1792

We came home to a wild land that we quickly mowed, weeded and cut back. All is back to normal, almost as if we didn’t leave…but I know that Bryson and I left something back there in Sooke and we are not done with that island. Did I mention all the wild blackberries were in season? IMG_5552

Since Bryson drove his truck with a bunch of tools, I was able to stick my spinning wheel and my black fiber I blogged about earlier and I did get some spinning done. It has continued since I got home. I switch back between my two knitting projects, and my spinning. It is such a meditative practice for me and I love the way the yarn is turning out. I will share that in another post soon.IMG_5362

I was able to get in quite a lot of knitting. There was a lot of coastal beach knitting and late night knitting this summer. Though I have been trying not to buy yarn anymore, especially from yarn stores, rather than farmers who I know treat their animals well, I went to The Beehive in Victoria and found this scrumptious rust-orange yarn which is quickly becoming a Pomme de pin Cardigan.IMG_5522

Home again and it has been lovely. Lots of food left for the sheep and the days are cooler than when we left in July. School has just started and we will be shifting our focus to preparing for winter now.IMG_5603