an update

Hello again. Well, here is a bit of an update in pictures. As always, our life is not with routine but full of love. I did quite a bit of knitting this winter, and spinning of course. I have seen some trees in knit hats lately so I made my own, using my own homegrown wool. Love it! The white yarn is from my ram….that I just sold to Cactus Hill Farm. If you haven’t already met Elena, well then you should. She is a ray of sunshine and is a young generational farmer that does it right with natural dyeing, and loving her animals!hat

I traded one of my BFL lambs 2 years ago at the Estes Park Wool Festival for Saffron. She is a fine fleeced Shetland ewe from Debbie at Shet-Tu Shetland Farm in the Denver area. I have often noticed that when it begins to warm in our high mountain area, my shetlands will have little bits of fleece puffing out more than other areas. I believe that Shetlands are natural roo-ers and this type of fine-fleece Shetland ROOS! At first I didn’t understand it, and then this year I paid a lot of attention to it. I rooed Saffron, my Shetland and would get these beautiful clumps of fleece. Finally, after rooing her a bunch, I sheared the last bit off of her. But it makes a lot of sense to me….they drop the wool as they need to and there are no short ends for spinners to have to work with. I love it and she is super soft. Her roving will be for sale at my etsy shop and at the Estes Park Wool Festival this June. I will be in a vendor booth titled something like “Handspinners of Colorado”. A bunch of us farmers that bring sheep have a booth this year so please come support the people that grow the wool! Below is a picture of the wool that just slips right off the sheep.IMG_7346


I have been doing a bit of hand sewing and fallen in love with the Alabama channin technique. (above) My hubby has been on Vancouver Island for the last 6 months renovating a home and I have been here by myself. Miss him and that island! So I go to learn to shear the sheep by myself this year. I had to tie them up in a jug so I could take my time. It ended up being great and I have sent the fleece off to Yampa Valley Fiber Mill to get it processed into roving for the Estes Park Wool Festival and to update to my etsy shop!


We had a couple lambs born this spring…mostly rams. We are keeping this black boy because black wool is my favorite! His name is Thunder!


This is me and Thunder! His mama is beautiful black with just the softest wool and she is 8! She also had a white ram named Ashley.



Lambing this year had a lot more problems for some reason. This white mama had twins but the second lamb was breech and didn’t make it sadly. But the kids experienced it all and gave the little ram lamb love! Tutus are allowed in our barn, btw.



This is a picture of Rain getting shorn. He has such a thick fleece and that black that I love…though in his old age of 4 it has a bit more grey in it these days…but then again so do I.


Hope you enjoyed the update. I will post the wool I am selling soon and the projects I have knit!



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