The grass is all gone now, and there is an inch of snow on the ground. These ladies were fed hay in the valley to try to persuade them from eating the grass all the way to the ground. Much of it went dormant but they definitely prefer grass to hay.


This is what the valley looks like now. Sorry about the dark picture…I used my iPhone after the sun was setting and it was just as cold as it looks. We went on a little hike on our property to find a Christmas tree for our home.



It feels pretty special to not have to leave our property to get a tree. Since we moved from California to Colorado in 2010 we haven’t had to buy a tree. Even before then, we had a planted tree in a pot that we would bring into the house and decorate, then place it back outside when the holiday was over.


My hubby was in Canada for work for 3 weeks before Thanksgiving so the kids and I roadtripped to Idaho to meet up with him and his family. It was pretty special. The drive was beautiful. This is in Monticello, Utah. It is right near Moab. I am not fond of the desert, I much prefer trees and water. But on a cloudy day when it is cool, I can see the beauty easily.


We are back home now, and it has snowed and been really cold. We have spent this week with the kids back in school, getting ready for the long winter and making sure the water heaters for animals are working, they have shelter, cleaning barns before their poop freezes to the ground, and today we are getting ready to shear 4 lambs that will become meat tomorrow. I must say, this is the saddest day of the entire year for me. Many of these animals view me as their caretaker/mama and I feel disloyal with what has to be done. But we believe it is the right way to eat meat and we never have to worry about what was added to our food or how the animal was treated. They live happy lives with their mamas and nurse until their mom weans them. We also get beautiful lambs wool before they become organic nutrition for our family and others’. It is sad, but I feel lucky to be able to raise so much of our food, honey and fiber on our land in just the way we want it.


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