That was a whirlwind…

I am home again from our annual trip to the Estes Park Wool Festival. It was wonderful…as it was last year. It is becoming a tradition for my mom and I to travel to Estes Park with the lambs and leave my kids with my husband for the week. It is such a busy time and I am grateful for all the help she offers. I arrived Wednesday night, tucked the lambs into their pens, then took two days of spinning lessons with Maggie from Shoots, Spindles & Skeins. Maggie is lovely and did a great job helping everyone with all the different levels of spinning experience we had. I met some really wonderful people in the class that visited me over the weekend when the classes were over and I was busy with the sheep.


Now, my time was very filled that week, and taking nice pictures was not something I focused on…so please bear with these few, far-from-fancy photos.

Saturday is when lots of people come through the Market place at the festival and the animal barns. Since I have lambs for sale, I have to show them in order to bring them to the festival. Since I have lambs in the barn, I am also allowed to sell items from our farm. I brought tons of roving, black, grey and white (all natural colors) and some yarn that I had naturally dyed…you can see the yarn in my previous post. Saturday was wonderfully busy and I met a lot of people, and sold a lot of wool. It was a great experience and it is fun to see people appreciate our product. Here is a picture of a few of my lambs and their fleece…


I sold out of all my roving, except for a few ounces of my grey roving. I thought for sure I would have some of my black roving from Rain, but a special lady bought his entire bag of roving, and a bag of pure BFL white roving. I have the sheep, so I was thrilled to sell it, knowing I can have more in the future, but then I was on a hunt for a black fleece because I really want to make a black sweater for myself.*i am partial to the black fleece*  I am drawn to the cormo and cvm breeds of sheep and ended up buying a beautiful black cvm/corridale/wensleydale cross fleece grown by a sheep named Albert, a brown cvm cross fleece and a white bond/cormo cross fleece from a friend in the sheep barn. The day after I got home,  still with a suitcase full, I pulled this fleece out to wash it because I just cannot wait to get my hands spinning this.


Isn’t it pretty!? I threw it in a tub to wash and had some little helpers with me.


It have very little vm in it, but a good amount of dirt, as it should for sheep that live a happy life outside in the pasture. It is dry now and I have begun flicking it so that I can begin carding.

Wool is so wonderful, and so are many of the people that I was lucky enough to meet during this wool intense week in Estes Park. I came home and sold two ram lambs the next day to some other wonderful farmers in my area so we have enough now to cover all the hay we have to buy for the winter here in Durango. It has been a productive and plentiful season here with all this sweet flock.




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