Lamb Update


All of our beautiful ewe lambs have been sold to a really great farm here in Durango, CO. I am super grateful for their future with Eric at Koru Healing. I am keeping a ewe lamb for myself, and am taking the boys with me to Estes Park Wool Festival this week. I have been busy preparing wool roving, labeling some yarn that I am having a hard time parting with…

yarn3…and knitting this shawl from Caterpillargreen Yarn for our favorite preschool teacher that loves rainbows.

Here are a few photos of the homegrown, organic wool that I will be selling at Estes Park Wool Festival. All the yarn here are from our little flock. All the roving is as well. Some of the roving and yarn I hand dyed with natural dyes such as madder, cochineal and indigo. We even used rainwater for the dyeing and mordanting with alum because we have a little rainwater catchment set up and I thought it would be great to use a neutral ph for the water.


The white, off-white and black/grey colors are undyed and just natural from the sheep. I also have quite a lot of roving that is available as well for sale, just not in the picture.

It feels so good to be a (very) small part of a product that is safe for the earth, safe for your skin, and safe for the happy animals growing it.


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