10 year anniversary trip to bc canada (18)

I suppose I should start with an introduction to our family. I am married to my favorite person on this earth, Bryson. He is the man that does it all, can fix it all and has created all of this. He found our property, built our home, installed every fence and planter…you get the idea. We have two children…our 8 year old son, River, who loves to garden, read and play Pokémon…and a just turned 5 year old daughter, Ila, who loves all animals and is always up to do anything! I love my family so dearly, and feel so lucky to have the relationships I do with these sweet people.


This website is here to share some ups and downs of our farm, and to spread the idea that you can raise a small flock in a healthy way, with happy animals and people. That you can treat a little lamb with probiotics instead of antibiotics if they are sick, and that sometimes farm does mean as much death as it does life. We just do our best everyday to balance the work with smiles, and pausing for those special moments most days because we live a life where we can. Welcome.


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